How to Save and Access Locations

Learn step by step how to save and access saved locations for your Community Needs Assessments. All logged-in SparkMap Subscribers can save locations to their profile. Don’t have an account? Register here.

Select Your Location

Save Your Location

Access Your Saved Locations

Step 1 – Select Your Location

Login to SparkMap and navigate to the Community Needs Assessment. 

Select the location you want to assess. (Figure 1). For step-by-step instructions on selecting your location, check out the How to Build a Community Needs Assessment tutorial.  

Figure 1 – Select a location by clicking on a state and then a county

Step 2 – Save Your Location

After you select a location, a “Save/Edit” button will appear at the top right corner of the page (Figure 2). Click the button, then click “Save Location.” 

Type your location name and a description in the popup, then click “Save” (Figure 3).  

Note: Saved location names are used as the default name for your Community Needs Assessment report location and data visualizations (Figure 4).

Example of how to save and access your location
Figure 2 – The “Save/Edit” button is visible when logged in
Figure 3 – “Save Location” popup
Figure 4 – Saved location names are applied to the Community Needs Assessment data tables and visualizations

Step 3 – Access Your Saved Locations

After saving a location, refresh the Community Needs Assessment page. A “My Locations” button will appear (Figure 5). Click “My Locations” to view your saved locations.  

To edit or delete a saved location, select it from the list, then click “Save/Edit Location.”

To access your saved locations list from your user dashboard, click the “My Locations” button (Figure 6).

Example of how to save and access your location
Figure 5 – “My Locations” button
Figure 6- “My Locations” button