How to Use the Walk Scores Tool

The Walk Scores Tool allows you to learn more about an area’s walkability at the click of a button. This tool is available to all SparkMap users.

Select the Walk Scores Tool

Identify Walkability of Your Location

Step 1 – Select the Walk Scores Tool

Access the Walk Scores Tool by clicking the “Tools” tab in the Map Room and scroll to the Walk Scores Tool heading (Figure 1). 

Figure 1 – Walk Scores Tool is highlighted for selection

Step 2 – Identify Walkability of Your Location

After selecting the Walk Scores Tool, click any location on the map to learn its walk score (Figure 2).

Note that Walk Scores are measured for the walkability surrounding a specific point on which you click. To gauge how walkable a large area is, we recommend looking at several Walk Scores within it. To learn more about how walk scores are measured, visit Redfin.

Walkability of New Haven, CT
Figure 2 – Walk Score for a coordinate in New Haven, Connecticut