How to Use the Swipe Layer Tool

The Swipe Layer Tool allows you to swap between two data layers by “swiping” a bar across your map. This tool is particularly useful for showing off changes in data over time. This tool is accessible to all SparkMap users.

Add Layers to Your Map

Select Your Swipe Option

Swipe and Compare

Step 1 – Add Layers to Your Map

The Swipe Layer Tool is only accessible once you add at least two layers to the Map Room.

Once you’ve added your map layers and zoomed into your location of interest, access the Tool by clicking the “Tools” tab in the Map Room and scroll to the Swipe Layer Tool heading (Figure 1). 

Swipe layer tool location
Figure 1 – Tool is highlighted for selection

Step 2 – Select Your Swipe Option

Select between Vertical Swipe (left to right), Horizontal Swipe (top to bottom), and Scope Swipe (circular) by clicking the relevant button (Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Swipe options

Step 3 – Swipe and Compare

Use the Swipe Tool to slide back and forth, revealing similarities and differences between two layers added to your map (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Tool in action