How to Find Indicator Source Information in the Community Needs Assessment

Search Indicator Lists

Inspect Indicators While Building Your Report

Access Source Information From Your Completed Report

Option 1 – Search Indicator Lists

Looking for indicator source information? Your best bet is to check the indicator list on our data pages.

The indicator list includes each indicator’s name, source, release date, source geography, and availability by subscription level.

Figure 1 – Indicator List in SparkMap Data Pages

Option 2 – Inspect Indicator Source While Building Your Report

To find source information while building your Community Needs Assessment, simply click the (i) button beside any indicator listed in the selection step (Figure 2).

A popup will appear providing information regarding the selected indicator’s source, collection date, and more (Figure 3).

Figure 2 – “i” buttons
Figure 3 – Data source popup
Option 3 – Access Source Information From Your Completed Report

To find source information in your completed report, simply look to the “data source” note beneath each table (Figure 4, circled in red).

Figure 4 – Data source information for “Population Commuting to Work Alone in a Car”

To generate a complete list of the sources and methodologies used to build your report, select the “Source & Methodology” option under the “Report Options” button (Figure 5, circled in red).

Figure 5 – Source and Methodology option