How to Use the Select Data Tool

Use the Select Data Tool to convert Map Room data into tabular form, letting you download data as a .csv file. This tool is available to all SparkMap users.

Load Your Map Layer

Select Your Location

Explore and Download Your Data

Step 1 – Load Your Map Layer

The Select Data Tool is only accessible once you add a map layer in the Map Room.

Once you’ve added the map layer from which you wish to download data, access the Select Data Tool by clicking the “Tools” tab and scroll to the Select Data Tool heading (Figure 1). 

Select data tool that allows users to download data
Figure 1 – Finding the select data tool

Step 2 – Select Your Location

After choosing the Select Data Tool, four data selection options will appear: Select by Rectangle, Select by Polygon, Select by Lasso, and Select by Radius (Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Data selection options

Choose whichever data selection option allows you to best draw a border around your location of interest.

Upon choosing a data selection option, instructions for drawing your area will appear (Figure 3).

Figure 3 – Polygon selection options

Draw your area of interest on the map (Figure 4).

Figure 4 – Area drawn on map

Step 3 – Explore and Download Your Data

Once your shape is complete, double click to end the drawing. 

To view your selected data as a table, select the “show attributes” button (Figure 6).  

To download your attribute table as .csv, select the “Download data” button. 

Table example when a user download data
Figure 6 – Table of data selected from map