Health professionals nationwide trust SparkMap to provide timely, accurate, and location-specific data. While most make primary use of our Community Needs Assessment many also utilize the data upload feature in the Map Room. Check out the page below to learn more about how SparkMap helps health professionals meet and exceed their secondary data needs.

Building a CHNA? SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment has the Data You Need

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Most health workers utilize SparkMap’s Premium Annual Subscription, which enables custom location selection, along with the creation of ZIP code-level reports. Healthcare consultants, community benefits teams, healthcare providers and more use these features to build custom reports using SparkMap’s data on social determinants of health, health behaviors and outcomes, and healthcare workforce as it applies specifically to their unique catchments.

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Need Data Visualizations? Build Custom Maps in SparkMap’s Map Room

Many health professionals supplement their CHNAs with custom maps from SparkMap’s Map Room. They utilize tools such as the Vulnerable Populations and COVID-19 Footprint tools to identify and visualize service needs. In addition, many use the data upload feature to layer their facilities’ primary data with SparkMap’s secondary data sets on demographics, disease prevalence, health outcomes, and more.

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Find the Data You Need for CHNAs, Program Development, and More

Our relevant data sources include:
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
US Census Bureau
Our relevant data categories include:
Clinical Care and Prevention
Health Behaviors
Health Outcomes
Healthcare Workforce
Social Determinants of Health

View all 100+ SparkMap data sources and all 300+ indicators on our Community Needs Assessment Indicator List. View our 28,000+ map layers in our Map Data List.

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Community Benefits Management

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Delivery

Public Health Accreditation

Patient Quality Improvement

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