How to Use the Draw Graphics Tool

The Draw Graphics Tool allows you to draw points, lines, and polygons on the surface of your map. Your markups remain visible when you download or share your map, making it easy to highlight specific information for presentations. This tool is available for all SparkMap users.

Draw Your Shape

Edit Your Shape

Save & Share Your Edited Map

Step 1 – Draw Your Shape

To find the Draw Graphics Tool, click the “Tools” tab in the Map Room and scroll to the Draw Graphics Tool heading. 

After clicking “Draw Graphics,” a list of graphic options will populate (Figure 1).  Click to select your graphic shape of choice.

Once you select your shape, instructions on how to draw that shape will appear (Figure 1, circled in red).

Figure 1 – Shape selection

To select a color for your graphic, click the “Graphic Color.” You will then be prompted to pick a color.

Once you are ready, use the tool’s instructions to draw your shape onto your map (Figure 2).

Figure 2 – Rectangle drawn using Draw Graphics Tool

Step 2 – Edit Your Shape

To remove the last graphic added to the map, select the “Remove Last” button (Figure 3, circled in red). You can also discard all drawings by selecting “Clear All” at the bottom of the panel (Figure 3, circled in blue).  

Figure 3 – Editing options within the Tool

Step 3 – Save and Share Your Edited Map

Once you are satisfied with your edited map, remember to save it to your SparkMap profile and share and download your results (Figure 4, circled in blue).

Figure 4 – Map with drawn graphics, ready to be saved, shared, and exported