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SparkMap Subscriptions unlock enhanced features in the Community Needs Assessment and Map Room. Not sure if a subscription is right for you? Contact us at, or check out our page, Which SparkMap Tool Is Right For Me?


Create maximum impact with ZIP code-level data, benchmark reports, and custom area selection tools in the Community Needs Assessment.

$4,999 / year
or $1,499 per quarter

Everything in the Pro subscription, plus:

  • 300+ Community Needs Assessment indicators
  • Custom area selection tools in the Community Needs Assessment
  • Ability to export Community Needs Assessments in Word and Excel files
  • Zip code-level data for 100+ indicators (requires annual subscription)


Enhance your community impact with double the data in the Community Needs Assessment and data upload tools in the Map Room.

$999 / year
or $299 per quarter

Everything in the Intro subscription, plus:


Assess and compare community strengths and needs with multi-county Community Needs Assessments.

$179 / year
or $49 per quarter

Unrestricted access to the Map Room, plus:


Find the data you need with single-county Community Needs Assessments and unlimited maps.


Unrestricted access to the Map Room, plus:

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Number of Indicators250+
What's included?
What's included?
What's included?
What's included?
Indicators are specific measures that show the condition of a particular topic.  For example, an indicator can show the number of physicians available in a county, the trends in unemployment, or percent of population with Veteran status.  Assessment indicators combine tables, maps, charts, dials, and dynamic descriptions to provide a comprehensive view of the data.
Indicator TypesHealth Professional packageCommunity Development packageStandard packageStandard package
Packaged indicators provide access to pre-selected groupings of data. The Standard Package provides a basic set of information describing conditions. The Community Development Package focuses on indicators supporting understanding of local socioeconomic conditions. The Health Professional Package supports community health needs assessment. Learn more about which indicators are available with the (always!) Free, Intro, Pro, and Premium community assessments.
Available GeographiesMulti-County/Area + Custom AreaMulti-County/AreaMulti County/AreaSingle County/Area
Create free assessments on a single county or state. With an Intro or Pro subscription, create assessments with multiple counties or states. With a Premium membership subscription, create custom areas by grouping ZIP Codes or other standard geographies, or drawing an area on a map.
Assessment ExportPDF, Word, ExcelPDFPDFPDF
Export a SparkMap assessment to PDF for saving and sharing.  With a Premium Subscription, download editable Word and Excel formatted assessments.
Save Assessments
Assessments can be saved in static format providing a dated snapshot of indicators, or in interactive format, which will automatically update as data supporting an indicator changes.
ZIP code Data*annual subscribers
zip code data example

Get data for every ZIP code in your assessment area, using the County List, Draw My Area, or Pick from Map tools - view alongside our dynamic data visualizations or download for offline use. *Note: only available to annual Premium subscribers.

Create Custom Report Area
Create an assessment by grouping ZIP codes or other standard geographies, specifying a distance from a location, or drawing an area on a map.
Small Area Estimation Tool
Estimate data for non-standard geographies, such as sub-county areas or legislative districts, using Population-Weighted Small Area Estimation methodology.  This tool will estimate the distribution of data for selected indicators, providing an improved description of conditions for unique areas.
Map Room (30,000+ ready-to-map layers)
A place to interact with thousands of mapped data sets, the Map Room is the primary visual component of SparkMap. Search and load information from a broad library of data sets, explore the maps, and share with others. The Map Room is also integrated across SparkMap features, providing a familiar interface for data visualization.
Share, Download & Print Maps
Share the maps you create in the Map Room with others seamlessly via social media links or email. Shared links connect to the full interactive mapping features used to create the share. The Map Room also supports the export and download of maps in multiple formats, allowing printing or integration of maps into other documents.
Footprint Analysis Tools
Specialized tools allow the analysis and exploration of map data for specific topics.  Use the Vulnerable Populations Footprint tool to discover concentrations of populations with health access challenges, or use the Location Opportunity Footprint Tool to find neighborhoods with great schools, jobs, and housing.
Save Maps
With a free account or paid subscription, interactive maps can be saved to a SparkMap personal project folder.  Use this feature to return to the same map view, share with others, or modify the map. This is useful for bookmarking datasets and locations you frequently access.
Data Integration
Upload to Map Room
Integrate data in CSV, KML/KMZ, or shapefiles formats into Map Room.
Data Builder for Map Room
Create new data using tools within the Map Room.  The Data Builder allows the drawing of point, line, or polygon features and the addition of attribute data.
Maximum data sets5010
The total number of data sets that can be stored for use in SparkMap.
Online Support
Access tutorials and FAQs.
Personal Support
A SparkMap professional will work with you on questions and issues.
The Bottom Line$1,499 per quarter*
- or -
$4,999 for 1 year
$299 per quarter*
- or -
$999 for 1 year
$49 per quarter*
- or -
$179 for 1 year
* quarterly subscriptions are billed every three months

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