How to Build a ZIP Code-Level Community Needs Assessment

Learn how to use, include, and analyze ZIP-code level data in the Community Needs Assessment, a feature available to all Premium Annual Subscribers.

Build Your Report

Access ZIP Code-Level Report Option

Explore Your ZIP-Code-Level Report

Step 1 – Build Your Report

Select your desired location by county, or using the Draw My Area or Pick From Map Tools.

Note that if you are using the Pick from Map tool, ZIP code-level data is only available when picking by County, City and Town, or ZIP code.

After selecting your location, select your indicators and generate your completed report.

Figure 1 – Completed multi-county report

Step 2 – Access ZIP Code-Level Report Option

Once your report is fully loaded, navigate to the “Report Options” button at the top right corner of the page (Figure 2).  

Select “Show ZIP Code data” from the drop down menu (Figure 2, circled in red), and your ZIP code-level report will generate. 

Access ZIP code data in assessment
Figure 2 – Premium Annual Report Options

Step 3 – Explore Your ZIP-Code-Level Report

The tables in your report will now list data for each ZIP code within your selected service area.

ZIP code data in assessment
Figure 3 – ZIP code-level report