How to Use the Community Demographic Mapping Tool

The SparkMap Community Demographic Mapping Tool can help you quickly gather information about the demographic makeup of your community of interest. The tool allows you to easily view community poverty levels, educational attainment, population, persons per square mile, gender, age, and race/ethnicity populations for your selected geography.

Access the Community Demographic Mapping Tool

Select Geography Level and Location of Interest

Generate Report

Step 1 – Access the Community Demographic Mapping Tool

Open the Map Room. Close the “Search Data” popup using the “X” in the upper right corner or the “Close” button in the lower right corner.

Navigate to Tools using the “Tools” button at the top of the Map Room or by clicking on the “Tools” pane on the right hand menu. Select the “Community Demographic Mapping” tool (Figure 1).

Community demographic mapping tool location
Figure 1: Community Demographic Mapping Tool in the Map Room

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Step 2 – Select Geography Level and Location of Interest

Once you’ve opened the Tool, you’ll be asked to define your Community Area (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Location of Define Your Community Area

Select the type of area you’re interested in from the options presented. You can define your community area by county, city/town, census tract, elementary school district, secondary school district, or state.

Once selected, the corresponding geographic boundaries will appear on the map as well as instructions on how to select your desired report locations (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Boundaries appear on the map once an area type selection has been made

Click on one or more locations on the map to add these areas to your report (Figure 4). Click the “X” next to a selection in the tool pane to remove it from the map.

Figure 4: Map and tools showing selection of Chicago, Oak Park, Berwyn and Cicero, IL

Step 3 – Generate Report

Click the “Generate Demographic Report” button (Figure 5). Your report will open in a new tab.

Example of how to download the Community Demographic Mapping report
Figure 5: Location of “Generate Demographic Report” button

For a sample report (PDF), click here.

For more information on how to use the Map Room, check out our other support materials.