SparkMap can help you prioritize limited community resources, identify service gaps, and influence strategic decision making – all on one platform. 

See how officials at every level of government have used SparkMap tools to support their work

To identify underserved populations:

  • Where are the food deserts in my community?
  • How friendly is my community to walking as a mode of transportation? 
  • Which neighborhoods have high rates of poverty and low educational attainment? 

To tackle emergency preparedness planning:

  • What demographics are most vulnerable to COVID-19?
  • What areas of my community will most need support before, during, and after an emergency event?
  • Are there areas in my community that primarily speak languages other than English?

To prioritize public policy:

  • How many in my community are housing-cost burdened?
  • What are the incarceration rates in my area?
  • How many in my community are uninsured? Do they tend to reside in a certain part of town?