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For over thirty years, our team has supported initiatives across healthcare, non-profit, government, business, and agriculture industries. With this experience, SparkMap is your tool for enhanced community impact.

SparkMap’s Tools

Community Needs Assessment

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  • Generate downloadable reports for your service area
  • Access 300+ indicators
  • Create multi-county and ZIP Code-Level Reports

Map Room

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  • Build interactive maps for your service area
  • Access 28,000+ map layers
  • Explore data at all available geography levels
e.g. U.S. Census Bureau
e.g. Change in Total Population
e.g. Households Living Below the Poverty Level, Percent by County, ACS 2014-18

Put SparkMap to Work in your Industry

Build Your Best CHNA with SparkMap’s

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Target areas for community development with SparkMap’s

  • Data on infrastructure, demographics, environmental assets, and more
  • Explore the Map Room tools, including Location Opportunity Footprints and Walk Scores
  • Map Room Data Upload Tool available to Pro and Premium Subscribers
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Identify vulnerable populations with SparkMap’s

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Have questions about how SparkMap can meet your professional needs? Contact us at sparkmap@missouri.edu.


From medical researchers to schools of business, academics use SparkMap to quickly access large amounts of secondary data.

Broadband Expansion

Broadband expansion initiatives use SparkMap to access Federal Communications Commission (FCC) data, along with other data on internet use and availability. In addition, SparkMap provides access to relevant data on average household income, education rates, and more.

Community Building

Community building initiatives utilize SparkMap’s data on local infrastructure, demographics, vulnerable populations, and more to form plans for new programming, business development, and infrastructure.


Economists use SparkMap to access quality data on a wide array of information — from household income to business and agricultural expenditures and revenue.

Environmental Services

Environmentalists make ample use of SparkMap’s impressive sets of base maps displaying land types, land utilization, water locations, and more. They also access SparkMap’s always up to date data on climate issues.

Real Estate

Real estate groups use SparkMap to gain more thorough knowledge of the communities in which their properties are located. From demographics and school test scores to community health and wellness, SparkMap’s data provides a well-rounded picture of any community.


Don’t see your industry listed? Don’t worry! We’ve worked with a wide array of industries and are happy to chat about your industry’s fit.

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