Transportation Services

Transportation professionals use SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment and Map Room to access up-to-date data on infrastructure, transportation access, highway traffic behaviors, and more.

Transportation Services with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Dan T., Premium Subscriber
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I work for my state’s Department of Transportation, and we’ve been working with several of our city governments to increase the capacity of our public transportation. Really, we want to expand bus services offered to especially target areas with populations made up of low income families with children that also have low rates of motor vehicle ownership. By prioritizing these areas, we hope to increase citizens’ abilities to access healthy groceries, job opportunities, education, and extracurricular options.

Deciding the types of communities to target was simple enough, but the process of determining which precise locations met our criteria was more difficult, until we began using SparkMap. Using the Community Needs Assessment’s Pick From Map tool, I was able to create data reports for specific towns, ZIP codes, and even school districts within our locations of interest. These incredibly detailed reports provided us a much clearer understanding of the accessibility needs within these communities.

Once we pinpointed our areas of interest using the Community Needs Assessment report, we began working with our partners at the city-level using the tools available through the Map Room to draft routes for the new buses.

— Dan T., Public Transportation Planning Manager, Premium Subscriber

Transportation Services with SparkMap’s Map Room

Jennifer R., Pro Subscriber
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I work with my county’s transportation department, where we use SparkMap’s Map Room to measure how traffic volume, motor vehicle accident volume, and accident mortality rates have changed over time.

Using SparkMap’s data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we are able to assess the success of highway safety strategies we’ve implemented in the past and more thoroughly plan for the future. In addition to using SparkMap’s traffic and accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we also use the Map Room’s data upload tool to map our own local data on traffic stops and accidents.

— Jenifer R., Transportation Logistics Specialist, Pro Subscriber