Patient Quality Improvement

Patient Quality Improvement specialists use SparkMap’s Community Need Assessment and Map Room to quickly gather secondary data on patient wellbeing and healthcare workforce, enabling them to spend less time researching and more time developing and implementing streamlined, issue- and case-specific plans of action.

Patient Quality Improvement with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Carson A., Premium Subscriber
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As a performance improvement advisor for a large healthcare region, I have to stay up-to-date on data regarding staff performances, community health outcomes, and general health and well being within each of my region’s service districts. Doing so, I can better measure each hospital’s progress and create stronger action plans for improvement.

But, since I spend most of my time working hands on with primary data and advising health region leaders, I don’t have much time for researching secondary data. This is where SparkMap comes in. With their Community Needs Assessment I can quickly assess community-level data of interest, including hard to find data on social determinants of health. Overall, being able to analyze these data alongside primary data from our health centers has been invaluable.

— Carson A., Performance Improvement Advisor, Premium Subscriber

Patient Quality Improvement with SparkMap’s Map Room

Chiomma G., Premium Subscriber
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I am a Quality Improvement Coordinator for a regional medical center, and I began using SparkMap’s Map Room to supplement grant applications. Using the Map Room, I can compare my workplace’s data on topics like disease prevalence, mortality rates and causes, staffing availability, and discharges with similar data at the ZIP code, county, and state level.

SparkMap helps me quickly understand areas where my center is excelling, as well as areas where we should focus on enhancing quality of care. I later began using similar maps, along with the benchmarking tools in the Community Needs Assessments, to build and present quality improvement plans. SparkMap’s easy to access data and visualizations have truly helped me quickly contextualize my health center’s statistics.  

— Chiomma G., Quality Improvement Coordinator, Premium Subscriber