Supporting Economic Mobility

Non-profits focused on supporting economic mobility use both SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment and Map Room to identify areas with the highest levels of unemployment, SNAP eligibility, affordable housing, and more!

Supporting Economic Mobility with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Johnathan R., Pro Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Multi-county selection

My non-profit recently received funding to teach a series of courses for adults on financial responsibility. As we planned these courses, we wanted to think broadly about what our most vulnerable community members might need from these courses: help with job applications? registering for SNAP? finding affordable housing? While searching for the answers to these questions, we came across SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment.

We decided to use some available funding to purchase a Pro Subscription, and it’s been a great tool. We were able to create reports targeting particular sections of our service area using the “Draw My Area” feature and then view area-specific data on employment rates, income levels, SNAP eligibility, housing needs, and more. With the knowledge in SparkMaps reports, we have been able to ensure we’re tailoring our courses to our community’s most significant needs.

— Johnathan R., Pro Subscriber