Topic-Based Map Gallery

The SparkMap team created a few topic-based maps to help you explore and familiarize yourself with SparkMap’s data and its many uses. Note that the topic-based maps are customizable! Easily tailor the maps to your communities by changing the selected locations and adding or removing the selected map layers.

Civic + Social Maps

Exempt Organizations 501c3 + 501c4
Dominant Language Spoken At Home (Non-English)
Predominant Race/Ethnicity
School Shootings
Violent Crime

Education Maps

Children Age 0-4 + Early Childhood Education Facilities by Type
Childhood Opportunity Index
School Funding Adequacy
Childcare Cost Burden
Youth Not Enrolled and Not Employed

Economy Maps

Business “Churn” (Entries + Exits)
Hours per Week at Minimum Wage Needed to Afford Housing
Population Out-Migration

Environment Maps

Weeks in Severe Drought + Wildfire Perimeters
30-Year Average December Precipitation
Threatened + Endangered Species
Earthquake Zones + Fault Lines

Health Maps

Rate of Mental Health Care Professionals
Rates of Annual Flu Vaccination
Preventable Hospital Stays
Drinking Water Safety
Physician Assistants + Rates of Uninsured