Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare consultants use SparkMap’s Community Need Assessment and Map Room to build CHNAs, inform budgeting recommendations, and find data-based solutions to additional client needs.

Healthcare Consulting with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Emily P., Premium Annual Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Benchmark Reports, ZIP Code-Level Community Needs Assessment

As a healthcare consultant I’m often asked by hospital systems and FQHCs to help develop community health needs assessments. My clients are not only required to complete these assessments for tax purposes; they are also genuinely interested in learning more about the communities they serve and where they can make the biggest impact.

SparkMap makes it easy to create robust secondary data reports that can be filtered to show metrics my clients are most interested in. This feature allows me to help my clients focus on the areas of greatest need and target the most vulnerable populations. Without the SparkMap Community Needs Assessment, I’d be spending a lot more time finding the data and analyzing metrics showing the biggest disparities, and less time helping my clients make data-informed plans. 

— Emily P., Senior Consultant – Population Health, Premium Annual Subscriber

E.J., Premium Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Draw My Area Tool

I assist hospitals in creating strategic plans optimizing cost efficiency, and SparkMap has aided me in quickly gathering secondary data on health outcomes and disease prevalence, along with other supplemental matters impacting hospital spending. These data are significant, as they enable me to see the bigger picture when evaluating hospitals’ funding, spending, and revenue histories and projections.

This big picture data aids me in ensuring my cost efficiency plans consider broader trends and issues within a hospital’s catchment. In turn, using SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment has become a simple and essential element in my research process. I now spend far less time gathering baseline research for my clients. With much of my general research compiled with the click of a button, I am able to dedicate more time to exploring hospitals’ primary data, developing creative solutions, and guiding leadership through the implementation of new plans. 

— E.J., Strategic Health Advisor, Premium Subscriber

Healthcare Consulting with SparkMap’s Map Room

Stephen S., Pro Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Data Upload Tool

My healthcare consulting firm was struggling to find strong visuals for our reports. It was because of this that we began using SparkMap’s Map Room. With a few clicks of a button, we are able to upload and map our data in the Map Room, creating clean and effective visuals for our reports. We also appreciate the ability to layer our own uploaded data with Map Room data from sources we trust, like the U.S. Census Bureau and CDC.

— Stephen S., Design and Digital Marketing for Health Consulting Group, Pro Subscriber