Federally Qualified Health Centers

Professionals working with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) utilize both SparkMap’s Community Need Assessment and Map Room to build CHNAs, complete grant proposals, and find better data on their catchments.

FQHCs and SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Priya V., Premium Annual Subscriber
SparkMap features used: ZIP Code-Level Community Needs Assessments, Benchmark Reports

I work for a Federally Qualified Health Center with a service area crossing state boundaries. Because of our multi-state reach, finding some of the unique data categories required for our CHNAs can be difficult, especially at the ZIP code level. SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment has made this once stressful task run much more smoothly. I can now select each ZIP code in my service area and create a report featuring county and state-level benchmarks for each.

Another benefit of our SparkMap subscription has been the increase in the quantity and quality of data. While our center has consistently produced data on issues directly associated with our services, like our patients’ insurance rates, disease prevalence, and mortality rates, it can be hard to find and decipher data on issues for which we don’t directly collect data. SparkMap has allowed us to easily access these data and in, turn, better meet our CHNA requirements while also learning more about our patients’ needs.

— Priya V., Evaluation and Grant Management Director, Premium Annual Subscriber

Paul H., Premium Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Export to Microsoft Word

My FQHC used SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment for our past two CHNA cycles. This tools has an impressive collection of healthcare and social data that lets us meet data requirements on language proficiencies and education attainment with ease.

We also appreciate the report’s export options, which enable us to edit the final report to incorporate our branding, along with details gleaned from community-level sources.

— Paul H., Data Evaluation Analyst, Premium Subscriber

Federally Qualified Health Centers & SparkMap’s Map Room

Jasmine J., Free Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool

I lead a community outreach team for an FQHC, and I use SparkMap’s Map Room to find ZIP codes in our service area for which disease outbreaks and medical conditions, such as diabetes and HIV, are especially prevalent.

I also frequently utilize maps on vaccination rates, along with the Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool, which showcases areas with high poverty rates and low education attainment rates. Equipped with these data, I am better able to plan targeted vaccination clinics and outreach services.

— Jasmine J., Community Outreach Director, Free Subscriber