Public Health Accreditation

Healthcare professionals utilize SparkMap’s Community Need Assessment and Map Room to find secondary data needed to complete requirements for Public Health Accreditation.

Public Health Accreditation with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Suzanne Q., Premium Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Microsoft Word (.doc) Download

When the time came for my department to reapply for Public Health Accreditation, we knew we needed help gathering secondary data for our CHNA. During our last application cycle, we acquired a decent amount of our data locally, but still spent way too much time searching for all the secondary data we needed to complete the assessment. SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment tool was the perfect solution to expedite our process.  

With SparkMap, we quickly accessed secondary data and data visualizations for our multi-county service area. We also loved that we could download the final report as a Word document, allowing us to easily integrate locally sourced data into the file. We are so glad we found SparkMap!

— Suzanne Q., Grant & Accreditation Specialist, Premium Subscriber

Public Health Accreditation with SparkMap’s Map Room

Ben E., Free Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Select Data Tool

When my healthcare center applied for public health accreditation, our team did an excellent job aggregating primary and secondary data for our required community health needs assessment. However, some data, such as that regarding social determinants of health, proved remarkably difficult to find, especially at the ZIP code level.

We used SparkMap’s Map Room to locate the remaining data we needed. We added the desired data to our map, set our geography level to “ZIP code,” and then used the Select Data function to download our ZIP code data of interest as a table. The data was up-to-date, easy to access, and helped contribute to a robust community health needs assessment.

— Ben E., Free Subscriber