Resource Management

Resource Management professionals use SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment and Map Room to assess up-to-date resource locations and make data-informed management decisions.

Resource Management with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Art N., Premium Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Draw My Area Tool

My county‚Äôs Resource Management Department had to make changes to our zoning requirements. Prior to this, we sometimes used the free version of SparkMap’s Map Room to verify local resource locations and allocations we didn’t have sufficient primary data for. For our re-zoning project, we knew our data needs would be bigger, so we decided to spring for SparkMap’s 90 day Premium Subscription and use the Community Needs Assessment. With the Community Needs Assessment we were able to draw our current zones and our proposed new zones onto maps and then generate data reports for each of the drawn areas. This made it easy to compare resource balance and allocation across multiple zone proposals and reach a result with which our team is all pleased.

— Art N., Resource Management Coordinator, Premium Subscriber

Resource Management with SparkMap’s Map Room

Jack N., Free Subscriber
SparkMap features use: Draw Graphics Tool

My city and state transportation teams are in the process of demolishing an old part of a highway running through my city. The new piece of highway is on a different route. Preparing for this re-routing has been a big priority in my resource management office, as our new zoning requirements, along with our assessments of resource accessibility will have to take the new highway route into consideration.

SparkMap’s Map Room has proven a useful tool for assessing our city’s new layout. With the Map Room, I was able to draw the new highway’s route onto a map and then view the local infrastructure (grocery stores, schools, and restaurants), resources (water sources and farms), and land types alongside the new route. Overall, the Map Room has been an incredibly effective planning tool.

— Jack N., Resource Management Coordination Assistant, Free Subscriber