Community Benefits Management

Community Benefits Management professionals utilize SparkMap’s Community Need Assessment and Map Room to build CHNAs, complete grant proposals, and accomplish day-to-day research tasks.

Community Benefits Management with SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment

Madeleine M., Premium Annual Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Draw My Area Tool, ZIP Code-Level Community Needs Assessments

SparkMap has totally changed the way I build CHNAs. My organization completes CHNAs annually to maintain nonprofit status. Plus, CHNAs help my community benefits team identify and serve populations in our area. Building these reports is not a task we take lightly, but we simply don’t have the time to manually gather all the data we need. SparkMap’s Community Needs Assessment has allowed me to quickly find and visualize secondary data, like poverty and income levels, educational attainment, infrastructure availability, health behaviors, and health outcomes.

The easy access to these data is great, but it isn’t the only reason we use SparkMap. Their Community Needs Assessment has also been an immense help with its “view data by ZIP code” and “draw my area” features. The “view by ZIP code” feature enables me to easily meet ZIP code-level data requirements for CHNAs, and the “draw area” feature allows me to create reports targeting specific sections of my team’s service area. It has proven greatly beneficial in helping us identify areas in need of programming. For example, using SparkMap’s data (especially on diabetes prevalence, access to nutritious foods, and access to wellness screenings), I was able to help my team identify communities in our service area where diabetes screenings were needed.

— Madeleine M., Community Benefits Coordinator, Premium Annual Subscriber  

Community Benefits Management with SparkMap’s Map Room

Bobby T., Pro Subscriber
SparkMap features used: Data Upload Tool

I write grant and project investment proposals for my organization’s Community Benefits department, and we use SparkMap’s Map Room to supplement these documents.

What drew me to the SparkMap Map Room was its ability to display my team’s data alongside high quality secondary data. I have been really impressed by the amount of data in the Map Room specifically suited to my organization’s needs like immunization rates, health screenings, health outcomes, health education, financial, and housing data.

I’m also pleased with the amount of data available at ZIP code and census tract levels. Displaying the data we’ve collected alongside nationally sourced data helps me better justify to potential funders the need certain types of outreach programs in our area.

— Bobby T., Community Health Benefits Manager, Pro Subscriber