SparkMap can make time-consuming data collection for community health needs assessments quick and painless. Get hundreds of indicators from nearly 100 reputable secondary sources.

Map showing life expectancy data

Gather secondary data

Map showing office locations superimposed on life expectancy data

Analyze and prioritize issues and opportunities

Map showing areas of opportunity on health process flow map.

Develop data-informed strategies

See how other community benefit and public health professionals have used SparkMap tools to support their work.

To answer questions around access to healthcare, health behaviors, and health outcomes

  • How does life expectancy compare across the zip codes in my county or city?
  • How do rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in my community compare to the state?
  • Are people in my area using the emergency room for non-emergency visits?
  • What is the leading cause of death for women in my area? And men?

To learn more about the social determinants of health impacting community health

  • How many people live in a food desert in my city?
  • How does the cost of housing in my county compare to the rest of the United States?
  • Do schools and businesses in my area have access to reliable broadband internet?

To explore problems and opportunities more deeply

  • Why are students in my school district less likely to graduate high school?
  • Is crime increasing or decreasing in my community?
  • What health care services are needed most in my rural region?
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