How to Find Data Source Information

Throughout the SparkMap site, data source information is generally available through the button. 

★ Useful for all users

In the Map Room, there are two ways you can find this button and by clicking it, learn about the release date, release cycle, data type, data geographic unit, and data source of a data layer.

While you are searching data in our data library, move your pointer over any data layer you are interested in, and the information icon will be highlighted. Click and read.

If a data layer is already added to the Map Room, go to the Map Layers panel to the right side of the map and find the layer. Click the at the right corner of the layer to expand, and you can’t miss the  button.

In a SparkMap Assessment, you can learn about data attributes, data on map, additional data groupings, and data source briefly by clicking the button.

Go to “2. Data Indicators” and expand the category of your interest. Hover the pointer on the data indicator you want to know more about.

For more details about an indicator, including data background, methodology, and data limitations, go to “3. Report” to obtain.

To successfully proceed to Step 3 and produce a report, you need to first select location and indicators in Step 1 & 2.

Once you are in the report, click the button at lower right to expand the list of indicators you selected. Click the indicator you want to know more about (as below). You will directly jump to that section of the report.

Now you are in the section you want to know more about. Under the first table, find the footnote “Data Source” and “Show more details”.

Click “Show more details” to open a very thorough indicator factsheet (as below). Click any blue hyperlinks for more information.

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