Using SparkMap for Data Visualization

Tell meaningful stories with your data through data visualization. With SparkMap’s data visualization tools, you can create compelling displays of your data, tailored to your specific target audience. Displaying data in an enhanced and easily understood format allows your audience to better contextualize the important priorities you hope to communicate.  

Employing data visualization as a means to visualize program or project related data not only enhances the visual performance of your organization or community’s needs, it also provides decision makers with the opportunity to view critical community data in a detailed and interactive way. The need to identify, analyze, and present data can easily be done with user-friendly data visualizations through SparkMap. 

Challenge: Showing Change over Time

SparkMap uses the latest data from over 100 trusted sources, provides more than 25,000 map layers and nearly 300 assessment indicators for you to choose from – all in one place. When looking to communicate how your community has evolved or been impacted over time, having access to a multitude of data is key. By utilizing data visualization tools from SparkMap, you can provide context for community data at different points in time and draw clear parallels for your target audience. 

** Census-level data is available for download with a SparkMap subscription.

covid footprint map link

Challenge: Access to Clean, Reliable Data

Deploying 25,000 mappable layers, you can search and load information from a broad library of data sets. SparkMap does all the work to curate, clean, and synthesize critical data sets from reputable sources so you don’t have to.   

** Click here for a complete list of indicators available at each subscription level.

Challenge: Lack of Technical Skill

Data visualization doesn’t have to be hard. With SparkMap you can utilize the 3-click Assessment and user-friendly Map Room to enhance and validate your story. Your data visualizations can be exported as image files, PDFs, or Word Documents for flexible use. The SparkMap team provides one-on-one support and self-guided materials to assist you in your efforts.  

** Check out our support materials to learn more.