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SparkMap’s 2022 in Review

2022 was a big year at SparkMap, thanks to you! Internally, we added more members to our team, underwent a full site refresh to unveil in 2023, and developed more multimedia content to enhance your SparkMap experience.  

We weren’t the only ones busy on SparkMap this year! In our 2022 Review, we’ll  

  • Highlight the number of maps and assessments made this year, 
  • Dive into the most popular content, and 
  • Give you a preview of exciting changes to come in 2023.

Thanks for being with us this year—we can’t wait to see what you do next! 

Your 2022 SparkMap Year in Review 

17,850 maps created! 

This year, you took your data visuals to the next level by creating nearly 18,000 maps! Overall, the SparkMap community focused on learning more about people and infrastructure in their areas. If you haven’t already, we recommend exploring our top 5 most popular map layers of 2022: the Vulnerable Populations Footprint, National Commodity Crop Productivity Index 3.0 (NCCPI), Food Desert Census Tracts, Location Opportunity Footprint, and Population Change, percent by Tract. We can’t wait to see how you continue to use the Map Room to spark change in your communities this year! 

SparkMap 2022 top 5 map layers

62,078 Community Needs Assessment reports created! 

SparkMap 2022 top 5 indicator categories

You also took a closer look at your communities by creating over 62,000 reports! See your most popular indicator categories including demographics, social and economic factors, health outcomes, health behaviors, and physical environment. Specifically, the SparkMap Community was interested in population trends, household economic standing, chronic disease, poor health behaviors, and housing quality. We hope these assessments helped you create stronger cases for resources and action!

Looking Ahead at SparkMap 2023 

SparkMap has been compiling user feedback since our launch, and we’re committed to delivering a site experience even more tailored to you this year! We have a fully refreshed site coming to you soon, so be on the lookout for updates. Some of our favorite features include a new visually-focused site design, streamlined support materials, updated user dashboard, and enhanced industry pages to help you unlock the power of SparkMap in your industry.  

In 2022, you focused on deeply understanding your communities to effect change—we’re excited to see what SparkMap helps you do in 2023! 

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