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For over thirty years, our team has supported initiatives across healthcare, non-profit, government, business, and agriculture industries. With this experience, SparkMap is your tool for enhanced community impact.

SparkMap’s Tools

Community Needs Assessment

community health needs assessment
  • Generate downloadable reports for your service area
  • Access 300+ indicators
  • Create multi-county and ZIP Code-Level Reports

Map Room

  • Build interactive maps for your service area
  • Access 28,000+ map layers
  • Explore data at all available geography levels
e.g. U.S. Census Bureau
e.g. Change in Total Population
e.g. Households Living Below the Poverty Level, Percent by County, ACS 2014-18

Put SparkMap to Work in your Industry

Build Your Best CHNA with SparkMap’s

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Target areas for community development with SparkMap’s

  • Data on infrastructure, demographics, environmental assets, and more
  • Map Room tools, including Location Opportunity Footprints and Walk Scores
  • Map Room Data Upload Tool available to Pro and Premium Subscribers

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Identify vulnerable populations with SparkMap’s

  • Data on income, poverty, housing, homelessness, healthcare, community resources, and more
  • Easy to use Community Needs Assessment
  • Vulnerable Populations and Location Opportunity Footprint Tools, located in the Map Room

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Have questions about how SparkMap can meet your professional needs? Contact us at sparkmap@missouri.edu.

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