Drought Intensity, U.S. Drought Monitor

This layer displays areas that experienced dry or drought conditions in the last seven days. Data are retrieved as shapefiles from the U.S. Drought Monitor and are updated on a weekly basis. The affected areas are represented by polygons, which are classified according to drought intensity. Using quantitative and objective indicators, as well as local condition and impact reports, the U.S. Drought Monitor defines each drought intensity level as follows:

D0 – Abnormally Dry
D1 – Moderate Drought
D2 – Severe Drought
D3 – Extreme Drought
D4 – Exceptional Drought

For more information about the data, please see the U.S. Drought Monitor Data Classification web page.

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Cropland Data Layer, 2020

This layer displays the Cropland Data Layer (CDL) developed by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The CDL is a raster, geo-referenced, crop-specific land cover data layer created annually for the continental United States using moderate resolution satellite imagery and extensive agricultural ground truth. The CDL has a ground resolution of 30 meters, and is validated using data from the USDA Farm Services Agency and United States Geological Survey. Historical CDL products are available for use and free for download through CropScape (https://nassgeodata.gmu.edu/CropScape/).

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Average Farm Income

This layer displays information about the characteristics of farms and ranches in the United States. Information is based on the US Department of Agriculture’s 2017 Census of Agriculture.

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Food Hubs

Layer displays the location of Food Hubs across the US. Data was obtained from the USDA Local Food Directories on January 7, 2016

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