Identify Areas for Community Improvement with SparkMap

From benchmarking features in the Community Needs Assessment to custom map layers in the Map Room, SparkMap is well-equipped to help you identify areas for community improvement.

Improving your Area with the Community Needs Assessment

Use our 300+ indicators to create targeted Community Needs Assessments highlighting your community’s gaps and strengths. Community Needs Assessments display your service area-level data alongside county, state, and U.S.-level benchmarks, enabling swift identification of areas for improvement.

Interested in building reports featuring only positive or negative benchmarks? Do so at the click of a button with a Premium SparkMap Subscription.

community health needs assessment

Identify Areas for Community Improvement with the Map Room

With access to over 28,000 map layers, easily tell your community’s story in a geographic context. In addition to the map layers, many also utilize the Map Room’s Footprint tools (including the Vulnerable Populations Footprint Tool and Location Opportunity Footprint Tool) to gauge communities’ assets and development needs.

The SparkMap Map Room is always free to use. However, you can upload your own data and get even more from your maps with a Pro or Premium Subscription.