How to Use the Query Tool

Query within specific data layers to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also view the query criteria in tabular format to download for offline use.

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Full Walkthrough Video

This tutorial is for you to find the locations or communities that meet certain criteria. Our example looks at the assisted housing properties around Philadelphia, PA area that have an average household rent contribution greater than 600. By viewing the video above, or following along with the walkthrough below, you will learn how to: 

  • Access the Query Tool
  • Perform the Query
  • View the Results


Before you use the Query Tool to target the communities that meet your criteria, you need to have two things prepared. First, you need to add to the map room a data layer, based on which your query will be run. You also need to specify an area on the map. Only the features within the current map view area (not the location entered in the location bar) that meet the criteria will be found. 

Access the Query Tool

The Query Data Tool is accessible to you once a data layer is added to the Map Room. You have two ways to access this tool – to click the button at the top left or the “Tools” bar on the bottom right of the legend. In either way, you then click on under Data Tools.

Perform the Query

Now that you are in the Query Data panel, you can take three steps to do a query – select an attribute, set a value, and press the “Run Query” button. Take notice of the tips at the bottom of the Query Data panel when you set the value.

View the Result

You can view the result on a map by hovering the mouse cursor over each highlighted red dot for metadata. If a quick glance is not enough, you can also try a tabular view by clicking on “Show Attributes” at the bottom of the Query Data panel. You can either view it online or download it to use offline.

Query Completed

To start over another query, click on “Clear Selection”. To add additional data, click on the “Map Layers” bar.

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