Data News Item: New data! Updated data for seven morbidity/mortality indicators from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Death Statistical Master File (2008-2010).

Changed data source (from CDPH Death Profiles by ZIP Code) to the CDPH Death Statistical Master File (2008-2010). Data now reported using age-adjusted rates for comparison with HP2020 objectives. Race and ethnicity summaries added by county for areas with 10 or more deaths over the report period. All maps are available at the ZIP code level. Affected indicators:

Health Outcomes

  • Heart Disease Mortality (CA Only)
  • Stroke Mortality (CA Only)
  • Cancer Mortality (CA Only)
  • Homicide (CA Only)
  • Suicide (CA Only)
  • Motor Vehicle Crash Death (CA Only)
  • Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Death (CA Only)