Data News Item: Fire Stations

This dataset contains point features representing building locations of fire stations in the United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The purpose of this collection is to represent the fire station locations on general purpose cartographic products. The data includes manned fire stations and buildings from which a fire response occurs, such as a volunteer fire department building to which fire fighters report for duty, but which is not continuously manned. The data includes both private and governmental entities. In some cases, where fire stations are known to exist but could not be located on a specific building, such as on a military base, airport or manufacturing location, a point was placed at the entrance or the general center of the facility or complex. Some fire locations are approximate, most prevalently in rural areas. Fire training facilities are not included unless these locations also have an active fire station. Locations solely for storing or maintaining fire equipment, or fire stations without a permanent location, were generally excluded. The 2020 data update does not include NAICS descriptions that were included in the 2019 release.

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