Learn how our Community Assessments, Maps, and Data are applied across industries. Check out Use Cases to see how other professionals use SparkMap.

Use Cases

collaborating on a report

Community Assessments

Access a variety of indicators to tackle broad assessment of all aspects of community, such as economy, environment, health, and housing.

data visualizations

Data Visualization

Create compelling displays of your data, tailored to your specific target audience.

writing at a computer

Grant Writing

Learn how to add robust quantitative data to your grant proposal’s needs or problem statement.


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SparkMap can make time-consuming data collection for community health needs assessments quick and painless.

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Write better, more data-informed grant applications. Easily access tract-level demographics like age, race, gender, and ethnicity in just three clicks.

government building


Prioritize limited community resources, identify service gaps, and influence strategic decision making – all on one platform. 

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