Public Schools by Grade Level and Type

This layer displays all public schools for SY 2020-21. Data are from the NCES Common Core of Data (CCD) Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data (2020-21). Also available map layers are:

  • Public Elementary Schools
  • Public Middle Schools
  • Public High Schools
  • Public Schools with Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Public Schools with Magnet Programs
  • Public Charter Schools
  • Public Title I Schools
  • Majority Minority Schools
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Rural vs. Urban Educational Attainment

This layer displays information about the difference between rural and urban educational attainment across the United States. Data are based on census-tract level information from the 2010-14 American Community Survey. Census tracts are defined as urban or rural based on 2010 US Census Bureau definitions; tract level information is then aggregated to and displayed at the Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) geographic level.

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