Rural Hospital Closures

This layer displays the location of hospitals that no longer provide in-patient care in rural settings since 2005. Hospitals may have closed completely or converted to provide some other healthcare services.

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COVID-19 Facility Hospitalizations

This layer displays the number of COVID patients as a percent of overall patients admitted to a particular hospital. Hospitals are reporting admission information to the Department of Health and Human Services where it is compiled and released weekly. The dataset releases information by the sum total of an indicator, the daily mean of an indicator, and the number of days reported in that week. The percent of covid admissions was calculated by:

Value = ([SUM Adult Inpatient Covid Admissions]/[SUM Total Adult Inpatient Admissions]) * 100

Symbols in this layer are also sized based on the overall bed capacity of a hospital.

Only hospitals reporting COVID-19 Case data are included on this map.

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