Community Needs Assessment Demo – Premium Annual

In this demo, you’ll have access to all 300+ indicators. We’ve limited the geography for this demo, but you can get a taste of how Premium Annual features work and display in the final report. What makes the Premium Annual subscription unique is its access to over 100 ZIP code-level indicators! After selecting your location and indicators, be sure to select the “Report Options” button, and check “Show ZIP Code Data” to see this feature in action.

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Choose a location from the following list
    Choose the primary location above

      Assessment Location

      Report Location
        1. Zoom closer to your report area.
        2. Click a start point on the map to start drawing.
        3. Click each corner or bend of your area.
        4. When you're finished, double-click or complete the shape.
        5. Any points on the white masked area will be dropped.
        6. See an illustration of population-weighted small area estimate method used for data calculation.
        7. Select a geographic type to pick ZIP codes, census tracts, or other geographies.
        8. Click anywhere inside a geography to add it to your report area.
        9. To remove a geography from your report area, click the item on the list or anywhere inside the geography again on the map.
        10. Any clicks on the white masked area are ignored.

          Data Indicators

          Select data indicators to include in your report

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