Using SparkMap in Grant Writing

Add robust quantitative data to your grant proposal’s needs or problem statement. Easily use supporting data from SparkMap to describe the target population you plan to serve – or define the community problem that you plan to address – using descriptive language, charts, dials, and maps.

Easily include quantitative information in your grant proposal around target audience demographics, social situations and economics, and community infrastructure. 

In addition to describing the target community or need, the data that you include in your proposal should come from reliable sources, be the most recent available, and reflect the funding agency’s priorities. It is crucial that your proposal be presented in a clear and compelling format that is relevant to your problem statement, including text and sensible data visualizations.

Challenge: Data Reliability and Recency

SparkMap uses the latest data from nearly 100 trusted sources – all in one place. Our staff ensures that the most recent and relevant data are available to our users. From broad, Census-level data to more niche, specialty data, we pride ourselves on providing data from diverse and reputable sources that are easy to use no matter your need. 

** Census-level data is available for download with a SparkMap subscription.

Challenge: Showing the Community Need

We know that demonstrating the need for funding is often the hardest part of grant writing. With tools from SparkMap, the ability to select data and demonstrate a compelling needs statement has never been easier. Select from over 80 free indicators and use data visualizations from SparkMap’s Community Assessment report to tell the story of your target community. Race and ethnicity breakouts are shown where available. 

** Click here for a complete list of additional indicators available at each subscription level.

Challenge: Data Presentation and Clarity

SparkMap assessments automatically generate descriptive statements, charts, relevant data visualization elements (including pie charts, dials, bar graphs, interactive maps, and time trend charts) for each indicator selected. Where appropriate, we also benchmark indicators against the state and federal levels.

** Our assessment is available as a free PDF download. Other download options, including Word and Excel, are available with a subscription.