How to Save and Access Assessment Locations

SparkMap users frequently create multiple Assessments for the same – or similar – geographic areas. Learn how to quickly save and access your Community Assessment Locations to help streamline your reporting.

★ Useful for all logged in users

This tutorial will show you how to select, save and access Community Assessment Locations. You will learn how to: 

  • Select an Assessment Location
  • Save an Assessment Location
  • Access and edit your saved Location from the Assessment
  • Access and delete your saved Assessment Location from your Dashboard

Select an Assessment Location

First, login to SparkMap and navigate to the Community Assessment. Under Location, you can choose the desired area either at the County (Figure 1) or State level (Figure 2) and select it from the list below. If you are interested in a particular County (Figure 1), you need to select the State and the list of counties will populate.

Figure 1.
Figure 2.

Note: The demonstration is for one County, but you can select more than one, as well as custom and small areas, with an appropriate subscription.

Once your location is selected, you will see the SAVE LOCATION button become available (Figure 3).

save location example media
Figure 3.

Save an Assessment Location

Once you’ve selected the county, counties, or custom area you’d like to save, click the SAVE LOCATION button. In the popup that appears, set a Location Name and Description and click SAVE (Figure 4).

Figure 4.

This will save your location within the Assessment and within your Dashboard.

Access and edit your saved Location from the Assessment

Once you have saved at least one Location, the next time you access the Assessment, you’ll see a MY LOCATIONS button which, when clicked, will show you a list of your saved Locations (Figure 5).

Figure 5.

To use a Location in an Assessment, select that Location from the My Locations list and move to the Data Indicators step of the Assessment.

To edit a Location, select that Location from the list and click Edit Location (Figure 6)

Figure 6.

This will bring up the Edit Location screen (Figure 7). You can rename your Location, change the description or remove it completely.

Figure 7.

Access and delete your saved Assessment Location from your Dashboard

*Only available to Pro and Premium subscribers

You can also access or delete Locations from your dashboard. Once on your dashboard, click on My Data and Locations (Figure 8)

Figure 8.

You will see your saved Locations available (Figure 9). To access your Assessment, click VIEW. To remove your location, click DELETE.

Figure 9.

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