Download Community Needs Assessment Reports & Export Maps

Easily download a Community Needs Assessment report or export a Map in one simple step.

Download Your Report

Export Your Map

1 – Download Your Report

Once you have created your Community Needs Assessment Report, select either the “Download PDF” (Figure 1) or “Download As” (Figure 2) button.

All creators can download reports as PDFs, however only Premium Subscribers can download them as Word or Excel documents.

Download PDF Button in Community Needs Assessment
Figure 1 – Highlighted “Download PDF” button
Download As Button in the Community Needs Assessment
Figure 2 – Highlighted “Download As” button

2 – Export Your Map

Once you have created your map in the Map Room, click the “Export” button (Figure 1).

When you do so, you’ll have the options to export the map image only, map + legend in landscape orientation, or map + legend in portrait orientation. You will also have the option to export as an image (.png) file or a PDF document (Figure 2).

Highlighted export button in the map room
Figure 1 – Highlighted “Export” button
Options given (i.e., export layout and export file format) when you select export in the map room
Figure 2 – Pop up image of exporting options