SparkMap can help you write better, more data-informed grant applications. Easily access tract-level demographics like age, race, gender, and ethnicity in just three clicks.

Map showing school proficiency

Identify and validate issues or problems

Map showing low-earning jobs over school proficiency

Determine areas of greatest need

Map showing areas of opportunity on nonprofit process flow map.

Develop data-informed strategies

See how other grant writers and nonprofit professionals have used SparkMap tools to support their work

To answer questions around population prevalence, family status, and common social conditions

  • How many seniors age 65 and over live in my service area?
  • How many youth are not attending school and not employed?
  • What are the dominant races, ethnicities, and languages in my service area?

To visualize program or project related data alongside social determinants of health

  • How many children who attend our afterschool program also live in a food desert?
  • Where and what types of crimes are happening in abandoned properties in my city?
  • Which zip codes lack adequate and affordable childcare services?

Stay tuned for more examples from the field!

To make the case for funding and identify evaluation metrics

  • Build and attach maps to funding applications that demonstrate a problem or issue, highlight opportunities, and recognize community partners.
  • Identify secondary data to support your logic models and evaluation plans.
  • Design and deliver infographics, outreach materials, and presentations.
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